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  • Age Limit : Anyone above the age of 18+ can enter the event, 21+ for Alcohol Consumption.
  • Please Bring your Valid ID cards for Age Verification along with the Valid Ticket.
  • Highlit is not responsible for any injuries or damages caused inside or outside the Event .
  • NOTE : Depending on the Availability, Guests can also Walk-in to the Event but We can't promise the Same Ticket Prices / Complimentary Offers.
  • All Guests must be fully vaccinated in order to attend the event .
  • For Men : Shoes mandatory to enter the Venue / Event as per the Guidelines of Night Clubs .
  • We recommend you to arrive an hour before the actual party for a quick entry into the Venue .
  • Once purchased, tickets cannot be returned or refunded .
  • The Event will conducted for a limited capacity to avoid any mass misconduct . 
  • Venue / Event Planner rules apply to avoid misconducts in the event .
  • Afterparty post 12:00am will have different Rules of Conduct from the Venue. Kindly Oblige .
  • F&B Menu and Prices differ post 12:00am according to the Venue's rules and regulations .
  • Highlit / Venue does not take any responsibility for your personal things / belongings .
  • Rights of Admission is reserved to the Organizer / Venue Owners .
  • Highlit won't be held responsible for the bad misconduct of the Guests in the Event / Venue .
  • Individuals suspected of bringing objects that could be obnoxious or hazardous, or engaging in criminal activity on the property, may be searched.
  • Food, drinks, bottled water, weapons, and ammunition from outside are not permitted at the event. The Event / Venue will have food and beverages available.
  • In case, your payment has been made and you haven't received the confirmation or ticket, users can contact us to find a resolution and enter the Event . 
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the Organizer / Venues .
  • There may be an internet processing fee per ticket. Please double verify your total before making a payment .
  • Consumption & Bringing Illegal Narcotic Drugs & Substances into the Event or Venue's Boundaries will be Immediately Prosecuted and will be punished legally under the NDPC Act.
  • Any person who is already in an Inebriated State will not be allowed into the Event . 
  • A ticket may be confiscated or cancelled without refund or other compensation if it is sold or  attempted to be sold illegally .
  • Only visitors who are at least the legal drinking age (LDA) and who can provide a valid form of identification will be served alcohol (if it is available) .
  • We request you to follow all the above terms and conditions for a safe conduct and betterment of Highlit Entertainment to provide better Offers, Products and Services . 
  • Any Individual who goes against these Terms and Conditions will be held responsible for any  misconduct caused by that particular Individual During and After the Event .
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